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Bring the tranquil beauty of a blue lake into your home with this stunning abstract painting by artist Gerard Mignot. The 60cm x 90cm canvas captures the serene reflections of the sky and surrounding landscape in the calm, shimmering waters. The striking image of birds in flight adds a sense of life and movement to the peaceful scene, making it the perfect piece to create a calming atmosphere in any room. Mignot's use of vibrant blues and soft, dreamy brushstrokes brings a sense of depth and tranquility to the artwork, making it a captivating focal point for any space. This painting is perfect for nature enthusiasts, art lovers, and anyone looking to add a touch of serene beauty to their home decor.

Blue lake reflections 60cm x 90cm.


    Gallery Le Nuancier

    The mall, 166 C The Parade
    Norwood, SA 5067

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