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Isathena Dolls

About Isathena

Isathena is a charming brand dedicated to creating decorative dolls for children, with a rich history rooted in the world of theatrical costume design. The founder's transition to focusing on children's decor highlights a shift in creative passion and craftsmanship. Through the use of linen and Oeko Tex certified cotton in the workshop in Seine et Marne, Isathena ensures both quality and sustainability in its products.



About this product

Doe doll in oeko tex linen, about 35cm, she wears a cotton dress printed with fawn fur, a ruffle in dotted tulle.
His face is painted (textile paint). 
Synthetic wadding padding.


•  Made in France
•  Weight: 200 g (7.05 oz)
•  Dimensions: 0 x 35 cm (0 x 13.8 in)


About this product

A 25 cm deer doll made of Oeko tex linen, she is dressed in a veil dress printed with flowers, her face is painted.

 It is padded with synthetic wadding.




About this product

A 25 cm doe doll made of Oeko Tex linen, she is dressed in a black floral Japanese cotton dress and ivory dotted cotton. 
His face is painted painted (textile paint). It is padded with synthetic wadding.

 Dotted cotton flower and collar.

 Her clothes are removable


About this product

A lot of softness with this Baby doe whose body is in double gauze. The face is made of Oeko Tex broken linen and painted by hand, its body is padded with synthetic wadding.

 This little mouse measures 23 cm (without ears).


•  Made in France
•  Product language: French
•  Weight: 51 g (1.8 oz)
•  Dimensions: 23 cm (9.1 in)


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