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Marais Béret

With their roots in the Paris fashion area, Gallery Le Nuancier’s Berets are crafted to capture the essence of French fashion, adding sophistication and elegance to any outfit. Our Berets are made with the highest-quality materials, so they are both comfortable and fashionable. Our unique designs and range of colors make shopping for your perfect Beret an enjoyable experience. Show off your elegance and style with a Beret from Gallery Le Nuancier!

About Marais European
Marais Béret is a young Parisian brand of berets in denim, wool, organza and other materials. Beret is an iconic symbol of France and French style. We are inspired by a Paris fashion area - le Marais. It’s a fashion hub of Paris. Diversity of street styles is incredible - you can just sit at one of the terrasses and watch people walking by you will have an impression that you are at a fashionable catwalk! Our berets are designed and made by hand in Paris. All materials for production come from European factories. We keep a good look on quality control. Marais Béret is suitable for women and men. We support all people of all races, sex orientation, ages and beliefs. We build our community of beret wearers around the world, who are inspired by Paris, France and this elegant hat as much as we are.  Welcome to Marais Béret club, welcome to Paris, with much love, the founder, Iva Ksenevich

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