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The Maïlou bear is a teddy bear that embodies tradition. 

Particular care has been given to the choice of materials that compose this exceptional model.

Its soft and silky fur gives it a perfect finish. High quality and durable to appreciate its touch over time.

It is an authentic bear composed of 40 pieces that are meticulously cut and assembled in our Castelbourg factory.

Its woven snout, its incomparable softness, its generous swelling and its satin bow make him the traditional bear you dream of cuddling up in at any time.Created in two sizes, it is the perfect gift to mark an event that is important to you!This bear was the only toy to participate in the “Made in France” exhibition at the Élysée Palace in January 2020.An indisputable recognition to see our bear as the only toy selected from the 101 products on display and immense pride for our talented team that designed it.

The Bear Maïlou - Brown - 55 cm


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